The New Order of Fashion is here!

The New Order of Fashion is here! NOoF presents the New Order of Fashion 2021:

Antonia Schreiter, Institut Français de la Mode, Paris (FR)
Antonia Schreiter explores regenerative design through knitwear. Using repurposed yarns and deadstock, she developled techniques of woven knitting and embroidery. The knitwear hybrids that are a result of her research, unite the young and the old, the “outdated” and the new.

Caitlin Yates, University of Westminster, London (UK)
Caitlin Yates if the founder of C8Y8S, an independent brand with a focus on print and textiles to portray personal narratives. Her BA graduation collection Cotswold Luvvies, looks at the real life of the Cotswolds; destroying the assumed lifestyle and privilege of this hallowed land of middle England.

Hanna Ryd, Swedish School of Textiles, Borås (SE)
Grandmother of Cats – Dressed Drunk is named after Hanna Ryd’s fictional muse. This crazy-cat-lady-like character that compulsively hoards and stacks every possible item in her house, values her low-status-material single-use-waste-collection equally to her high-status-material jewelry box.

Jeppe Juel, The Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen (DK)
Amorphia is the MA graduation collection of Jeppe Juel. Reflecting upon the relation between the body and clothes, the transformative power fashion can have on our bodies becomes apparent. Clothes as an extension of the body, physically and metaphorically, a second skin to our own.

Jessica GuzmanParsons School of Design, New York (US)  
Jessica Guzaman creates chance procedures in knitwear that allow for variations to emerge. Approaching knitwear as the inner structure of the garment, she allows woven garments that are typically very precisely formulated, to be freed of these pre-designed silhouettes.

Jessica Rijkers, Swedish School of Textiles, Borås (SE)
Jessica Rijkers’ purpose is to explore the use of bioplastic as unconventional yarn in the traditional technique of handweaving. Handwoven bioplastic samples have been explored to investigate the methods of structures and bindings, gradient colouring and print design within bioplastic and weaving.

Juha Vehmaanperä, Aalto University, Helsink (FI)
Not Your Mitten is inspired by dada artist Hanna Höch and 90s punk/pop band Shampoo. Höch had a revolutionary approach of including crafting into the world of art. Shampoo embody a youthful energy and willingness to see the world from a different perspective, breaking the societal ideals of femininity.

Leevi Ikäheimo, Aalto University, Helsink (FI)
Leevi Ikäheimo’s No Pain No Glamour is a satirical statement on how a certain image of a body is force fed to us starting from an early age. The plastic bodies of toys marketed towards young boys are built to an outrageously unrealistic proportion.

Max Willebrand Westin, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL)
Max Willebrand Westin investigates how material, social and emotional values can transform through an alchemical process: the act of crafting. His graduation collection Longing for Now shows discarded objects; reimagined, given the opportunity to heal and take on a new direction.

Priss Niinikoski, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Antwerp (BE)
Harvest is a collection of thoughts and processes related to the material. Resulting in a serie of wearable objects, the work discovers the position of the maker as a creative. Niinikoski researched and questioned tradition an it’s relevance today.

Riun Jo, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL)
/Jib, which means home in Korean, shows not only the fragility of home but also the longing for home. The works have been developed during lockdown, made by copying objects in her room using Hanji – a traditional handmade Koran paper. 

Wendy Owusu, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven (NL)
Wendy Owusu questions social constructs, heritage and transmissions through her work. From Abena to Gloria is a capsule collection in which the shapes and patterns of garments are based on her family’s house and relatives.

Wolter Pot, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem (NL)
2 Towels and a Single Ice Cube is the poetic graduation collection of Wolter Pot. The loss of a family member during the first COVID lockdown, was the starting point of the work in which Pot searches for the meaning of touch.

Woo Jin Joo, Royal College of Art, London (UK)
Through her work, Woo Jin Joo seeks to re-enchant and re-mystify a lost poetry in the way we see and engage with our materials and natural world, so that we could build more mindful and respectful relationships with the non-human entities that surround us.

Yun Xie, Polimoda, Florence (IT)
Past, present and future form the threads of Yun Xie’s MA graduation collection. Cross-historical and cross-cultural references seamlessly fuse together in Xie’s garments. Those taking a close look, discover the (little) treasures of her life knitted throughout.

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