The New Order of Fashion is here!

Each year, New Order of Fashion gathers the most forward-thinking fashion talents from the best international academies. Their works are presented in a thematic group exhibition, curated by New Order of Fashion. 

This year’s exhibition places reality under review: a new generation of Truth Seekers is on the horizon. In a quest for meaning and transparency – unafraid to unveil uncomfortable truths along the way – they unravel our currently fragmented world.

Enjoy the ride as these fashion trailblazers will expand your notions of reality! 

The 2022 New Order of Fashion talents are:

Aleksandra Blinova (LV)
Brooke Druen (US)
Dylan Eno (NL)
Domi Grzybek (PL)
Tatjana Haupt (PL)
Taneli Ukura (FI)
Denzel Veerkamp (NL)
Yaz XL (UK)
Scarlett Yang (UK) 

This year’s talent exhibition is kindly supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven 

High res images and text per talent is available via this link.

Image credits:
Upper left: Brooke Druen – Amanita Obscura, photography by Chloé Polkinghorne
Upper right: Tatjana Haupt – The Power of my Hands, photography by Lara Ziörjen
Bottom left: Dylan Eno – To Die For, Image by Dylan Eno /
Bottom right: Yaz XL – Hot Air, photography Andrew Gilbert