Showcase with a difference

London Fashion Week seems to be back to business as per usual: a packed schedule and celebrity filled front rows. Yet the true stand-out is rooted within reality and urgency, not the glitz and glam! 

Showcase With a Difference is the title of the exhibition initiated by Fashion Open Studio. Hosted at The Lab E20, East Village’s new creative hub, the exhibition showcases the work of ten fashion designers focusing on product and purpose. Ranging from different approaches to creating fashion, exploring the process as well as highlighting the all-important sense of purpose that motivates the designers, Showcase with a Difference takes its audience inside the seams of the garment to better understand how clothes are made as well as why these designers are rejecting the industry’s bad habits and toxic culture.

The exhibition is art directed by award-winning NOoF talent designer Matthew Needham, who specialises in combining materials, experience, and community to create works that are both educational and conscious, inspiring a symbiotic approach towards living our human lives in parallel with the planet.

‘As you enter The Lab, I wanted to create an ambient space where you take your time to reflect on the way the pieces have been made, their materiality, and to give a moment to reflect on the origin story of each garment. There’s a meditative sound and ‘smellscape’ to allow you to fully immerse yourself into this reflective state. The exhibition is made as sustainably as possible, produced using materials that can be reused or recycled only. The mannequins have been made using scrap wood found in the basement of a house in Peckham’


Showcase With a Difference is on view from 12-27 February.
Images by Lily Vetch