Savanah Avery nominated for Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019


Savanah Avery is one of the 10 young designers nominated for the Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019. 

The Fashion Makes Sense Award, an initiative by Fashionclash, is a supportive award for a new generation of fashion designers with innovative disruptive ideas that can contribute to a development of a more sustainable fashion industry.

The aim of this project is to offer a new generation of designers, with innovative and sustainable ideas, a stage and to encourage designers to think about sustainability. In addition, the project aims to create awareness about sustainable fashion among a broad audience.

Savanah Avery showed her work as a part of the 2018 New Order of Fashion exhibition ‘Shape Shifters’. She is known for her use of plant-based materials such as bamboo, banana and tencel. The award was won by Paolo Carzana, who also exhibited as a part of the ‘Shape Shifters’ exhibition, in 2018.