Long Live Fashion!

How do we deal with clothing more sustainably? How can we repair and reuse? How do we transform pre-loved textiles into sustainable fashion? The exhibition Long Live Fashion! is a collaboration of the TextielMuseum with designers Christien Meindertsma, Harm Rensink / New Order of Fashion and the Tilburg textile recycling company Wolkat.

The exhibition zooms in on the question of how we can realise a circular textile chain together. Discover the large quantities of raw materials that are contained in our clothing in a space-filling installation by Christien Meindertsma. Get to work actively in the Fixing Fashion space with repairing garments. Or have a fashion item custom made with recycled textiles in the Microfactory, the beating heart of the exhibition. Of course, fashion designers also show what inspiring creations can be made by reusing textiles. Long Live Fashion! shows what the future of sustainable fashion looks like.

Long Live Fashion! includes works of NOoF talents Alicia Minnaard, Matthew Needham and Stina Randestad.