Hurra PangPang!

NOoF talent Hanna Ryd launched Hurra PangPang! The Gothenburg-based upcycling studio collects unwanted materials from second hand sorting facilities and private clients. Rooted in a love of storytelling, Hanna and her co-founder Bella Simmons create something new out of the already existing, to start a conversation and let the story of a memory be retold.

“We target the value and memory charged in these items and by re-design we turn them into something that it before was not. These materials are the core of our philosophy and practice.

Belongings are a persons movable possessions. Everything has its story, memory and value. This could be a broken handbag from your youth, a sweater passed down from a relative or your fa- vourite pair of jeans waiting for better days.

We turn your forgotten treasures into wearable treats.”

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