Hurra PangPang! Green Wash

During this year’s Dutch Design Week, New Order of Fashion explicitly invites the visitor to join the making process as we show how the fashion industry should change from the design table.

In the Green Wash Shop, New Order of Fashion and Studio Hurra PangPang invite you to be blown away by the design potential of discarded garments. From the sourcing of the textiles to the design and making of the piece itself; forgotten materials are turned into new, yummy and long lasting fashion pieces before the visitor’s very own eyes.

Just like at your favourite salad bar, you pick your favourite ‘ingredients’. Your mix of handpicked garments and accessories is presented at the counter where a custom design is envisioned together with a team of designers and stylists. A design that will forever be the showpiece of your wardrobe.

The Green Wash Shop is kindly supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Zeeman, Brushcom and Het Goed.