Designers’ Nest Awards

On February 8th Designer’s Nest handed out their annual Awards. Among this year’s nominees was NOoF 2021 talent Leevi Ikäheimo

Leevi was announced as the winner of the Exhibition Prize. Pernille Stockmarr, curator at Designmuseum Danmark, selected Leevi.

Leevi Ikäheimo is the recipient of this year’s Exhibition Prize because of his great visionary talent for uniting exquisite craftsmanship, the world of play and gaming and questions about gender stereotypes. With his exaggerated styles and iconic silhouettes, known from plastic toys and virtual avatars, Ikäheimo creates an innovative interplay between the technological perfection of the artificial world and unique high-quality techniques from traditional craftsmanship and fashion. Ikäheimo’s impressive supernatural bodies also make us reflect upon how the way masculinity presented to younger boys is a question of power”.

Leevi’s work will be exhibited at the Designmuseum Denmark, as a part of upcoming exhibition The Future is Present, opening in June.