Collectie Arnhem Launch

Throughout the years New Order of Fashion has shown the works of many ArtEZ University of the Arts graduates. Their renowned fashion department has seen various alumni soar to the top of the international fashion industry: Viktor & Rolf, Iris van Herpen and Pauline van Dongen just to name a few.

Once again the department shows their pioneering approach. This time around with Collectie Arnhem, a project where third-year students collectively create a progressive and distinctive collection.

The DROP THE PIN collection is a reflection on today’s reality. “We are aware of our physical interactions, personal space, and the innate longing for human connection. This awareness shapes the basis for a world of our own creation. Human energy drives this world. It determines our direction of motion as well as the color, light, and shadows of our physical contours. This energy is invisible, yet it shapes our existence. We crave it, and we retreat from it.

The students challenged themselves to work with deadstock garments and textiles. “Arnhem based brand HUMANOID gave us the opportunity to do so, as a collaborative partner that has adirect link to the fashion industry. They share their experiences and values with us, as well as providing the deadstock material that we re-interpreted and developed into garments that take on a whole new life and meaning.“.

The full collection has been captured in a film , able to view below.