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Ecco Leather X Kira Goodey Fellowship

The Modebelofte/New Order of Fashion Fellowship initiative creates unique opportunities for the industry to involve bright young fashion design talents in their innovation projects. 
Year after year Modebelofte/ New Order of Fashion scouts the most original and unabashed graduates from the world’s finest Art & Design universities to give them a platform. Our database is full of these ‘diamonds in the rough’, with their fresh and visionary ideas and mind-blowing creativity, ready to be tapped. 

For this Fellowship with ECCO Leather, Modebelofte/ New Order of Fashion selected superforce Kira Goodey.

ECCO Leather


ECCO Leather develops highly progressive leather qualities for some of the industry’s most iconic contemporary designers and brands. With a main tanning facility in the Netherlands, ECCO Leather also operates award-winning facilities across Europe, Southeast Asia and the Far East.
ECCO Leather’s production network is characterized by clean, secure and flexible operations scaled to suit growing customer needs while ensuring seamless communication with customer-designated finished-goods manufacturers. Their motivation to engage in this Fellowship collaboration is Kira’s avant-garde attitude in design. She used the leather in a feminine way and that is exactly what Ecco Leather was looking for.


After years of studying ancient techniques and parchment leathers, ECCO Leather outranked the past. Transparent leather used to be unmanageable hard and nonresistant to water, but APPARITION is the first soft and transparent cow skin leather with lasting pliability, which protects from moist. Made from full grain bovine material, this range with spectral qualities comes in two substances. The gradations of softness vary, while at every degree this leather will move and mould. It’s truly alive.

Kira Goodey


A Royal College of Art graduate, Kira Goodey worked as a costume maker and fashion designer, and as a print designer for Alexander McQueen before she embarked on the art and craft shoemaking.
Kira Goodey Talks Apparition.“I wanted to work with the translucent qualities and unctuous texture of the material to create couture pieces that enhance the natural beauty and variation of this artisanal leather. It feels, looks and behaves unlike any leather I have previously worked with, which made it both fascinating and challenging to create shoes out of. Much of the final outcome was dictated by what the leather wanted to do naturally. For instance the ruffled florets as simple circles sewn in two places and left to fall naturally. Also the colour way was dictated by which dyes got absorbed by the leather.”

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ECCO Leather

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Kira Goodey

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Grietje Schepers

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