The End is Near, Time for New Beginnings


As if rudely awakened from a collective lucid daydream, some still a bit groggy, others with eyes wide open and ready to face the reckoning, we all know: if ever there were a time, now’s the time to do better. This is the new state of awareness that is shaking up the world of fashion. For good.


The New Order Of Fashion team signals a strong activist and action ready attitude among this year’s fashion graduates from the best national and international art and design academies. Woke to the manifold injustices so tightly woven into the status quo, here is an emerging generation of gifted designers striking out to break the mould and dazzle us with exciting alternatives.

It is time for new beginnings. It is time to redesign everything
from the bottom up so as to do right to the many wrongs; to the planet and all its life, to our fellow human beings, and ultimately, to ourselves.

New Order Of Fashion selected the most imaginative and forward minded proposals that dare to challenge ruling conventions, systems, constructs and borders. These outstanding graduation projects address urgent universal topics as diverse as the sweeping effects of climate change and cries for environmental and social justice and an even playing field for cultural and gender diversity.



Ahmed Serour
Andrea Grossi
Andrew Davis
Anna Sophie Goschin
Benedetta Marcucci
Bodil Ouédraogo
Brandon Wen
Cecily Ophelia
Di Du

Esra Copur
Julia Montin
Ka Yee Lee
Laura Krarup Frandsen
Matthew Needham
Pauline de Blonay
Valentine Tinchant
Vincent Wong
Yan-Wei Tseng


Initiator Ellen Albers

Creative direction & exhibition design
Studio Harm Rensink

Creative development & project management Emma Wessel

Artwork Fleks (www.fleksone.com)

Communication & talent development
Frank Verkade

Text Mo Veld

Identity & design HOAX

Social media manager
Michiel van Maaren

Photography Ronald Smits

Dresser Joëlle Baten

Production assistants
Niki van der Ploeg, Jelle Smidt (intern)
and Tom Jacobs (intern)

Sound engineer Laurie Copley


Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Brabant C and Dutch Design Foundation.


Tele2, JA! Reclame, StickerCompany, Terre des Hommes, FILMOLUX Benelux BV, Paddock Digital Printing, Efka, New Generation and Oogenlust.


Blueyard, Geert Boogaard, Fleks, HOAX and The Orchestra.