Performing Advancers


During the Dutch Design Week, Studio Harm Rensink, HeyNiek and You Are Here presented the 2015 edition of the Modebelofte: ’Performing Advancers’.

This year the theme was related to the world of sports, to our relentless quest for self-improvement, to performance enhancing innovation, and to pressing the limits of what is humanly possible and imaginable. Linking to this theme, the venue of the Modebelofte 2015 was the Philips football stadium of the famous soccer club PSV Eindhoven.

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Alan Oakes
Pauline Choi
Chou Yun Ting
Jim Hu
James Mitchell
Gabriele Skucas
Milligan Beaumont
Gabriel Castro
Beth Postle
Sofie Gaudaen
Marie-Sophie Beinke

Matty Bovan
Charlotte GG Harris
Kathryn McGee
Yunseo Choi
Hannah Williams
Nneka Okorie
Odella Yue
Hannah Wallace
Calum Whitley
Laure Severac
Edoardo Rossi


Matilda Norberg
Sian Alexandra Hadnum
Dawn Ansuh
Jessica Brown
Hannah Curtis
Robyn Priestley
Vera de Pont
Jessica Walsh
Jasna Rokegem
Anouk van de Sande


Isabelle Tellié
Tung Trinh
Josephine Goverts
Fabian Bredt
Bram Vervoort
Nikki Duijst
Ting Gong
Tone Bjerkaas
Chisom Ogundu
Fatma Kizil




Initiated and organised by
You Are Here

Curated and designed by
Studio Harm Rensink in collaboration with HeyNiek

Bastiaan de Nennie

Barbara Medo