Digital Realists


Digital technologies have impacted our world to such an extent that we can hardly remember a pre-digital reality, other than the vaguely romantic notion of it being real. The speed with which digital technologies have developed has been bewitching; propelling us into unknown territory, be it in terms of behavioral psychology or mere aesthetics.

The New Order of Fashions exhibition theme for 2017 – Digital Realists – proposes a down to earth and hands on embrace of the digital age as the new normal. The 18 Digital Realists on show in this exhibition flawlessly combine on- and offline modes of research, design and production, synchronizing traditional and artisanal techniques with advanced computing and – often experimental – digital technology driven options. They explore questions like What if we could see each atom as a 3D version of a digital pixel? and Can we still separate the real and the digital world as two separate spheres of existence?



Sander Bos
Alexa Chia Wan Yu
Aimee Determan
Kira Goodey
Iulliia Gulina
Han Kim
Chungin No
Creepy Outfit Lab
Chorong Lin

Laishu Lin
Lauren Rowlinson
Christian Stone
Marta Twarowska
Nathaly Value
Maddie Williams
Emily Witham
Zheng Pei Yuan


Initiated by
Ellen Albers

Curated and design
Studio Harm Rensink (Harm Rensink and Lisanne Fransen)

Fabial Briels

Artwork and animation
Leeza Pritychencko

Voy Bonage (Lisa Fritzell and André Laos)

Barabara Medo