Leevi Ikäheimo

Leevi Ikäheimo’s No Pain No Glamour is a satirical statement on how a certain image of a body is force fed to us starting from an early age. The plastic bodies of toys marketed towards young boys are built to an outrageously unrealistic proportion. For the looks and the garments produced, the Aalto graduate researched the anatomical cuts of the muscles in the human body juxtaposed with clothing worn in early-2000’s millennium raves in Helsinki, Finland. With each look resembling a different character or an avatar, the distorted silhouettes and bright colors are there to evoke everyone’s’ child within – like a bodybuilding rave troll doll on steroids. 

Ikäheimo’s  collection was nominated for the Designer’s Nest Awards. Vogue Scandinavia recently highlighted Leevi as one of the designers spearheading the Finnish fashion revolution!