Hanna Linnéa Ryd

Grandmother of Cats – Dressed Drunk is named after Hanna Linnéa Ryd’s fictional muse. This crazy-cat-lady-like character that compulsively hoards and stacks every possible item in her house, values her low-status-material single-use-waste-collection equally to her high-status-material jewelry box.

This understanding, that every material has some sort of value that one can enhance and add to through re-contextualization, repeats or manipulation, is key within Ryd’s work. The collection will presents us with design-examples generated by an upcycling-design-tool, the method-cards, where materials such as waste garments or non textile-objects are re-contextualized together into new wearable hybrids.

Hanna co-founded upcycling studio Hurra PangPang.