Andrea Grossi

Polimoda alumni ANDREA GROSSI presents us with Welcome to Deusland. The ongoing design project – named after the book Homo Deus – addresses the challenges of the 21st century by placing our current worldviews in a historical perspective, especially the parallelism between Nazism and the church. 

Fusing technology and craftsmanship with Tuscan and Umbrian leather goods, his works are made using innovative laser cutting, embossing and bonding techniques with an added alternative denim fiber of low environmental impact. Through skin processing techniques Andrea reproduced the human body, face and skin muscles. In Deusland man approaches being “God”; he creates himself and what surrounds him.

In 2020, Grossi was one of the 10 finalists for the Hyères Fashion Award and simultaneously nominated for the Fashion makes Sense Award. More recently he collaborated with Chanel and Fashion Open Studio (FOS), an initiative by Fashion Revolution.